LoadController E-series

Onboard truckscales

Load Controller E-series onboard scales for trucks, agricultural vehicles and construction equipment belong to the top of the non-certified weighing systems. Components of industrial quality ensure a long, accurate and troublefree operation.

Electronic onboard weighingsystems are especially interesting for those kind of operations where a wide variaty of cargotypes are loaded and unloaded in a high frequency and where the weight of the load is a key factor in the fee payed for the service.

An optimum load will ensure the highest possible efficiency of your vehicle; overloading will lead to undesired fines and unnecessary wear and tear. Exact and precise loading will make timeconsuming and therefore costly trips to weighbridges a thing of the past. A load that is under the maximum capacity of your vehicle is also undesirable and brings down the efficiency of the vehicle.

A specific waterproof version for application on agricultural trailers has been developped.



Quick and efficient loading is strongly improved by the use of an optical loading aid; a light signal will alert the driver that a specific preset loading level is reached and loading can be stopped.

In many cases it is necessary that a printout can be produced on the spot when laoding or unloading is finished. Therefore a printer can be ordered as an option. The printer is robust, compact and needs no seperate powersupply. Specifically designed for use in the cabine.

On each weighingticket the date and time are printed as well as company details such as name, address, tel.nr, etc and all other relevant weighdata.



Commercial Vehicles:

The LoadController E-series weighingsystem can be applied on practically all vehicle configurations like rigids with or without trailer and all current tractors with semitrailers. The system can be used with airsuspensions, hydraulic suspensions and leaf suspensions. In any configuration the driver can read the axle pressure of each individual axle.

Agricultural Vehicles:

The Loadcontroller E-series can also be used on virtually all agricultural tractors with air or hydraulic suspended trailers. A specific version for this application is available that will give the operator extra functionality in the daily operations.

Construction Equipment:

The Loadcontroller E-series is also available for application on wheel loaders, telescopic handlers and front loaders on agricultural tractors. The system measures dynamically during the lifting motion in order to avoid loss of time. Variations in lifting speed are corrected automatically with intelligent software. The system can optionally be delivered with a temperature compensation system to ensure proper weighing with a cold machine as well as with a machine that is on operating temperature.



Installation example of the LoadController E-series fitted on a Volvo FH12 dashboard.

Installation example of the LoadController E-series fitted on the dashboard of a John Deere Tractor.

Installation example of the LoadController E-series on a Liebherr wheelloader

Installation example of the LoadController E-series on a JCB LoadAll reach stacker