(Temporarily sold out) LoadController Pro-series graphic display

A 5.5 inch full color TFT graphic display with touchscreen. Including Android operating system with integrated Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and many more functions. Operates wireless with the central computer of the weighing system. The displayed vehicle can be completely personalized, in other words your own vehicle can be displayed.

LoadController E-series standard display

The standard display for the LoadController series weighing systems. Suitable for use in-cab and can be installed in various positions inside the cab. A clear 2-lines character display for straight forward operation of the weighing system.

LoadController E-series WD waterproof display

A waterproof version of the LoadController E-series display that can be installed outside a cabine. This type of display is often used on agricultural machines. A clear 2-lines character display for straight forward operation of the weighing system.

Printer thermal compact

A light weight and compact thermal printer that will make prints on 58mm thermal paper. A variety of prints can be generated from a simple weighing ticket to a print of the weighing-in and weighing-out cycles. A choice can be made in printing nett only or nett with gross weights and for totals only or
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HD matrix printer

A heavy duty mechanical matrix printer suitable for printing A5 tickets with 2 carbon copies. Operates on 12V and 24V, is a widely used type of printer and can be installed in more rougher conditions as for example in a storage box on a (semi)trailer.

WiFi Module

A wifi module suitable for installation outside the cab and can be used for reading out the weighing data by using the standard Android App on your SmartPhone, for example when standing behind the cab on the operation platform of a crane.

Wifi Module with external antenna

Similar function as the standard wifi module with the Standard Android App but with enhanced operating range. This if the weighing data have to read on a larger distance; for example when loading the truck under a silo whilst operating the silo controls yourself.

Standard LoadController Android App

The Standard Android App for SmartPhones makes reading of the weighing data at a distance wirelessly possible. The App shows net and gross total weights or can be set to display all weighing data, including each individual axle load.

LoadController LoadSync App

The LoadSync App for Android Smartphones allows downloading of all weighing data that are stored in the weighing system. A license for this function is optionally available for use with one vehicle or with multiple vehicles. All weighing cycles and all individual weighing actions are shown on screen and print-outs can be generated on local
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LoadManagement PC Program

LoadManagement PC Program is a Windows based PC program that allows the collection of weighing data from various vehicles that are equipped with LoadController weighing systems. The program also allows the definition of load types and customer names that can be used by the driver on the vehicle weighing system during storage of the weighing
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